Regardless of who you are, everybody should have a home that allows them to live comfortably and without restriction. While many take this for granted, finding such a residence becomes more difficult when your physical needs change or become more complex.

Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) were introduced as part of the 1989 Local Government and Housing Act. They provide funding for necessary adaptations to help disabled residents stay in their homes, such as installing access ramps or widening doorways. Grants are available regardless of whether a property is private, rented or council-owned, although applicants must meet the eligibility criteria.

As purse strings are drawn tighter, how has council funding through DFGs changed over the years? Are more people applying for DFGs now than they were 10 years ago? Retailer of doors, flooring and staircases, A Wood Idea, investigates with the aim of raising awareness of this potentially life-changing funding. Take a look at the graphic below for more information about our findings: