When working on the interior design of your home, it makes sense to choose a classic, timeless design that can stand the test of time. This will help your investment in your kitchen last for years to come.

From time-to-time, you may want to update parts of your décor to add a contemporary edge. To help you make home improvements that are stylish, effective and affordable, our team of design experts has created a selection of modern interior design ideas. Read on for our top tips on the small changes you can make to update your home with 2017 interior design trends.

Strip back to the essentials

One of the quickest ways to modernise your home is to strip back and really de-clutter. Think minimalist, and take away unnecessary furniture, ornaments and decoration, and keep only a chosen few pictures and decorative items.

Get green

A key feature of 2017 interior design is greenery. Whether you bring the outdoors indoors, with the introduction of potted plants, or get inspired by tropical plants and opt for tropical leaf prints on canvases and bedding, the introduction of greenery brings your style right up-to-date.

Give it a lick of paint

Get even more green using paint. If you can only choose one paint colour in your home for 2017, make sure it’s dark green. A quick coat in the kitchen, living room or bedroom will complement classic, timeless décor, and give it a modern twist.

Tiles for miles

A small investment in your kitchen tiles can completely transform your kitchen. In 2017, it’s all about pattern or printed tiles, which work brilliantly with classic style kitchen units, in monochrome or neutral colours. Choose vibrant geometrics or brick-style tiles to go really contemporary.

Light the way

The way a room is lit may not be something you pay too much attention to, but once you’ve changed your lighting you will realise how much impact it can really have. Lighting trends for 2017 are very distinct, whether you choose lamps or ceiling lights. Select from geometric lighting to embrace the angles, move towards a modern look with clean LED lights, or go retro with chrome lights and polished, colourful shades. For larger rooms, why not try a chandelier? It can add a touch of luxury to even smaller spaces.

Think of your shelves

Unique and clever approaches to shelving help you to create a modern point of interest in your home. This change is functional, affordable, and a non-intrusive. 2017 home style is all about embracing reclaimed industrial shelving units, pallets and ladder shelves which are easy to acquire second-hand.

Add brassy decoration

In recent years, interior design has chosen copper as its metallic of choice. Now, 2017 style-setters are opting for brass, and it’s been seen throughout the home in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Choose brass light fittings, lamps or kitchenware to really embrace this trend, or simply nod to it with brass door and cabinet handles.

We hope our modern interior design ideas have given you some inspiration for modernising your home. If you need to make bigger changes to your home, you can browse our selection of internal doors and wooden flooring which really make an impact. Alternatively, contact us today to speak to a friendly member of our team.

Image credit: Online Collection of Brooklyn Museum