It won’t surprise you to know that the A Wood Idea team is in favour of wooden furniture, fittings and decoration in the home. It’s natural, versatile and stylish, works beautifully with classic home decor, and can be incorporated into more contemporary finishes too.

Our team has been on the search for upcoming wood design trends for Autumn and Winter 2017, to help you get ahead of the curve in your interior design. Read on to find out how versatile this material can really be and how to make the most stylish decisions for your home.

Wood design in furniture

There are a number of key pieces of wooden furniture for Autumn and Winter 2017 that are on-trend investments. Sleek wooden rocking chairs are a contemporary play on a classic trend, and work well with any sofa upholstery style. Writing desks are set to be a big trend for the new season. If you want your furniture to make a big impact, a school desk style can provide an off-beat look. Combine with side tables and striking shelving with minimal ornaments to pull a room together.

Fireplaces and fire guards

A part of a more natural approach to interior design, there has been more of a focus on real fireplaces, wooden logs and wicker baskets. Investing in an open fireplace or log burner is a great way to nod to this trend and is well-timed for the winter months, when you can cosy-up by the fire as the evenings close in.

Tree motifs

It seems like wood is taking over all aspects of interior design, from being a material, to being a motif in itself. Why not take ‘wood design’ a step further by including tree motifs as part of the design, either on a small scale in cushions and lampshades, or larger in prints and bedding. This also reflects the recent interior design trend of bringing the outdoors indoors, using subtle nods to nature and wildlife.

Wood wall design

Feature walls have always been a popular interior design trend with a long history, from brightly coloured paints to textured wallpaper. For 2017, featured walls have changed again, and wood wall designs are becoming increasingly popular.

Wood walls involve a whole wall being covered in wooden panels or tiles, and as a result have a big impact, so make sure you put it in a larger room to make the most of your space.

Natural finishes

From flooring to furniture, look out for the appearance of more natural finishes in in the coming months. Varnished, polished and painted wood have all had their place in interior design in recent years, but now wood is as bare, untreated and untouched as possible.

Ready to introduce some of these upcoming wood interior design trends into your home? We supply a range of beautiful wooden doors (both internal and external doors), flooring and staircases to that complement both classic and more traditional tastes.