Many homeowners make a feature of wooden stairs in their home. Wooden staircases can transform a room completely, making it look more traditional, classic or contemporary, depending on the type of wood and design you choose.

One concern homeowners may have about installing wooden staircases is that they might be slippery underfoot. To help ease these concerns, the team at A Wood Idea has compiled some information on wood stair safety, and the things you can do to avoid them being slippery.

Are wood stairs slippery?

All staircases in the home can be slippery, whether they’re carpeted or wooden. Certain factors can make wood more slippery, such as the use varnishes or waxes, or if it is brand new and shiny-smooth.

Read on to learn how you can reduce slip on your stairs.

Wood stair safety

Fortunately there are many ways you can increase the safety of your wooden staircase, to put your mind at ease and reduce the risk of any slips or trips.

Choose a non-slip wood

If you’re yet to make a choice on a wooden staircase in your home, you can opt for a non-slip wood, which will mean you start with a non-slip surface that has much more grip.

Add a stair runner

Stair runners truly give you the best of both worlds: you get the beautiful effect of wooden stairs with the additional decoration (and grip) of a carpet. Stair runners come in a range of styles and finishes to suit any home.

Add non-slip coatings or noses to the step

You can add non-slip noses to the edges of your steps, which will help shoes to grip to flooring. Alternatively there are anti-slip coatings available in clear and coloured stains that help to build up a grip.

Time is a great healer

Over time, the brand new sheen on a wooden staircase wears away and roughens up, giving a natural grip to the stairs. This should happen naturally after the first month or two.

Remove some of the varnish

If you already have wooden stairs in your home, you could make your wooden stairs less slippery by gently removing the varnish from the wood. This can be done by lightly sanding the varnish away by hand with sandpaper. It’s worth testing this one out on the corner of the step, so you know what the finished result will look like before you start.

Light-up your staircase

One factor that makes a fall on a staircase more likely, is if you can’t see the staircase properly. Installing lighting to clearly show where the staircase starts – and ends – as well any turns along the way, will help avoid any accidents.

Consider your cleaning method

When you’re cleaning your wooden flooring, layering over varnishes, polishes and waxes can build up over time, which increases the chance of slipping. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris, and a light damp mop to shine up the surface.

If you’re considering the installation of a wooden staircase in your home, the A Wood Idea team is here to help you. Our experts can help you choose a product that’s safe and slip-free, to help put any concerns at ease. Contact a friendly member of our team today, or call us directly on 0191 448 9614 to find out more.