According to a report from What Mortgage in July 2019, there has been a huge leap in the number of remortgages in the UK, up by nearly 20% vs. just 1.2% growth in new mortgages.

With people in the UK clearly choosing to improve rather than move, we have created a tool that lets you check your chances of getting a planning application granted in your local area.

Using government data to show you the success rates of planning applications across England, select your town or city from the drop down to see how likely it is that your planning application will be granted.

The rate of planning permission acceptance

By English region

97%City of London

On average, planning applications in England have an 86% success rate, although naturally this varies throughout the country. It’s good news if you live in Carlisle, Halton or the City of London as they have the highest approval rates on average in England, at 97%.

In fact, planning applications from Carlisle and Halton residents are 21% more successful than those in Rochdale. Despite all being located in the same North West region, Rochdale’s approval rate averages at 76%.

In terms of regions, applicants in the North East have the best chances of planning permission success. The region has an average approval rate of 93%, with County Durham achieving the highest success rate at 96%.

Overall, the North East has the most consistent planning approval rates, with just 6% variation between the region’s highest and lowest approval rates.

In fact, with the North East, North West and Yorkshire and the Humber all taking the top three spots for the regions with the highest average approval rate, it seems that people in the North have the best chances of securing the permission they need for their projects.

At the other end of the scale, West London has the lowest average planning approval rate in the England at 76%, 17% lower than the North East’s average. Hammersmith and Fulham had the highest approval rates in West London at 88%.

Looking at all of the London regions collectively, the UK’s capital had an average approval rate of 81%, based on a total of 74,523 applications made between October 2018 and September 2019. While homeowners in the City of London can enjoy a 97% success rate — the joint highest in England — residents in Harrow weren’t so fortunate. With a 64% approval rate, the town has the lowest in England.

Excluding London’s combined data, the South West were the most keen on undertaking new building projects, submitting 34,508 applications during the period, the highest of all regions. Residents in the East Midlands submitted the fewest applications at 6,509.

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Data Information & Sources

The information analysed was from government data, Table P134: District planning authorities: applications received, decided, granted and delegated and environmental statements received, by local planning authority. The original data can be found here.

Due to the volume of data, we analysed 149 records, made up of a mix of authorities, London boroughs, metropolitan districts and unitary authorities.