A number of things affect our mood – our diet, exercise and sleep – but did you know that our environment can also have a big impact on how we feel? It’s true; the colour of our walls, the amount of sunlight we get and the materials we use in our home can really make a difference to how we’re feeling.

It’s therefore great to know that the introduction of natural materials, including wood (our speciality) into homes can have positive impact on our mood and wellbeing. The team at A Wood Idea has investigated how natural materials improve mood, and how to introduce them into your home. Read on to find out more.

How do natural materials improve mood?

Natural materials in your home are proven to make you healthier by reducing the amount of potentially harmful chemical compounds entering your home with man-made fibres. If you’re feeling physically healthier, this can have a positive impact on your mood too.

Being near to nature has also been proven to help children’s academic performance and cognitive abilities. Simply having a view of nature and greenery has been proven to reduce stress in children and improve their mood and performance.

According to a report by Timber and Design Online, the use of wood interiors also has a stress-reducing effect, and wooden materials have been proven to have a positive mental impact on those around them.

Examples of natural materials

There are a number of natural materials you can introduce into your home that can start having an impact on your mood. Here are our examples of natural materials.

  • Wood
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Granite
  • Glass
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Silver

How to introduce more natural materials into your home

Now you know which natural materials you can use, we’ve included some tips on how to enhance your environment by introducing nature into your home:

Introduce more plants

Adding plants into your home is the easiest way for you to incorporate more natural materials into your home. Plants release oxygen, helping to purify the air to create a cleaner, more restful ambiance. Popular choices for house plants include spider plants, aloe and Chinese evergreen.

They can look great too – and bringing plants into your home is a brilliant way to add a contemporary flourish. Read more ways to modernise your home here.

Add natural bedding

Choosing duvet covers, throws and cushions made from natural fabrics will help you to benefit from natural materials day-in and out. Choose cotton bedding and silk throws, and your bed will look and feel luxurious. For an extra level of winter warmth and cosiness, layer-up with knitted woollen blankets.

Introduce wooden furniture and fixtures

Wood is incredibly versatile, and complements both classic and contemporary styles. Wooden staircases, doors and flooring helps you to introduce this material across your home, and wooden furniture is available in all shapes, sizes and styles to suit your unique décor.

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